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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube

Starting Line Truss Systems - Finish Line Truss Systems for Marathons and other Racing Events

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All truss finish line structures domestically built with our 2 (ladder) , 3 (Triangle) and 4 chord (Box) aluminum truss. Stable foot prints are achieved by using one of several methods. Large aluminum base plates, out rigger arms or a complete structural truss foot print. Exhibit and Display Truss Truss finish line structures are lightweight and easy to transport, and can be assembled and disassembled without hassle in minimal time. Its natural mill finish aluminum metal construction makes the finish line structure look professional and impressive, and sure to draw attention. The truss system can be configured to any size and can be added on to at any point making them the best choice for a growing sport and investment into your race or event. If the sizes of our stock systems don't work for you, please call us and we'll be happy to custom design a truss structure that is specific to all your needs.

A common element to some of our finish and start lines is the addition of a 2 chord (flat ladder) attachable truss. This piece attaches to the truss system with swivel hooks, and can easily be adjusted to any height. Perfect for hanging varying display banners, clocks, or other race supplies. This aluminum truss structure is not just perfect as a start or finish line structure, but can also be used as an impressive trade show display or promotional tool in the down season. This make for great value and makes good use of the investment into your truss finish line.

Please browse through some of the great photos and examples of aluminum truss finish line structures. As you'll soon see they look great and are simply the the best method of erecting a finish line or starting line on a race site. Be sure to take a look at our stock finish line systems and if we still don't have what you need give us a call or drop us an email as we'll configure you the perfect piece for your event. Your satisfaction is guaranteed !

Trade Show Exhibits and Displays for Exhibitin or Convention Halls

Click on the banner to visit our Stock Finish Line and Starting Line Truss Structures
finsih line and start line truss systems

  Featured Finish Line System. The FL-8 Portable Aluminum Truss Finish Line  
  Click Here for more details
on this amazing Finish Line truss system thats changing the sport.
truss finish line large finish line. banner frame for running racr or marathon marathon finish line system by exhibit and display
This uses aluminum truss as a stablizing foot as well as the acrch way. Wide finish line systems need deep foot prints to keep them stable in wind. A professional finish line brings excitment to any racing event or competition.
finish line starting line for marathon or race event safe and stable finish line or starting line from exhibit and display
Large or small your finish line must be safe for all. A thrill that's second to none when you cross that finsih line. Banners used to promote sponsors are great source of revenuve.
A FRame Custom Finsih line racing timing system fl8 finish line system the easiest and most stable finish line on the market FL-8 Truss finish line system by exhibit and disp;lay
Great A Frame Style finish line. Decorative archway made in a triangle shape. Sturdy, deep out rigger arms make for a very stable foot print. Our most popular FL-8 system waiting for the big race to begin.
Bike racing finsih line system. portable bicycle racing starting line

running racr finish line or starting line out of aluminum truss

Arch way or entrance way made from aluminum truss
Banner support arms are used to brand this finish line. Make your next event look professional. Start small and add on at any time. Use your finish line system as an entrance way to your event.!
curved aluminum truss finish line framing system for finish line. timing clock frame.
Spectacular use of aluminum truss curves to add decoration. Tower style sides make for easy banner framing. Truss makes for a very strong but extremley light weight super structure.
start line finsih line running race marathon race event truss kit for finsih line or starting line banner frame for finsih line and time clock
Great use of banner support arms. This really makes the Finish line pop ! Combination of truss support arms for heavy loads and banners arms. Adjustable 2 chord ladder truss frames banner. attaches with swivel hooks.
marathonFinsih Line Trussing Stand finish Line Truss System for Running Race Evnets marathon starting line trussing kit
Tall and easy to see this is one of our most popular finish line truss systems. Quick to set up and take down. Light weight and strong. Out rigger arms provide a huge foot print and a stable base.
starting line race event system truss banner support for road race finish line portable race events finsih line kit
Tons of clearance for even the tallest runners. Out rigger arms look great and function well for finish lines. Every one loves crossing the big finish line. Adds excitement to any marathon.
ladder truss time clock support arm on finish line strucutre out rigger arm for portable truss finish line system swivel hook extenders for portable truss finish line using outrigger arms
Swivel hooks are great way to connect ladder truss to 3 or 4 chord truss. Swivel hooks attach out rigger arms for a quick and easy installation. Strong and versatile, swivel hooks work well in just about any situation.
finish line truss holding racing time clock starting line truss structure truss raceing event finsih line system
Time clocks can be hung from the lower truss along with speakers. Great visual as your runners approach the end of the race. Full size truss out rigger arms act as a welcome as well as support for structure.
marathon finish line truss structure time clock truss system for marathon running race starting line truss systems for finish line running races
Use side rails as advertising for sponsors. Great revenue potential. Truss out rigger panels help with crowd control as well as stabilize. Fantastic visual for your patrons as they make the way to the end of the race.
starting line truss kit marathon finish line system running room starting line
A very popular finish line design. The Running Zone has had great results with the FL-1 Truss Finish line. Good size for most events. Nipped top corners look great.
finish line kit finish line with time clock running race finish line truss
Strong and able to support huge clocks. Big open side arches make for great advertising spaces. This is the FL-1 Finish Line System by Exhibit and Display Truss.
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