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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube

Truss Accessories - Clips, Clamps, Mounts and Base Plates

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Plasma / LCD Mounts & Accessories
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Our truss system accessories can be used for signage hanging, LCD or plasma flat screens display, and/or attaching lighting. We have a number of clamps, clips, and mounts that make any truss decorating simple, quick, and easy. These strong and attractive accessories make it possible to display all your truss decoratives on any truss system we offer.

Be sure to visit our You Tube Channel with lots of informative videos on our aluminum truss display products and custom fabrication services.
You Tube Channel here to visit us on You Tube.

Literature and Brochure Holders for Trade Show Displays and Literature Stands

These beautiful clear 1/8" thick acrylic hand crafted, custom made Trade Show Display Brochure holder or Literature holders for Exhibitions and conferences are the perfect addition to any show booth. Use in your office after the show or in a corporate show room to display your magazines and other promotional materials. These strong, attractive brochure holders simply hang on our truss webs and can be filled up to 1 3/4" deep with advertising materials and cut sheets. They hold standard letter size documents and magazines up to 8 3/4" wide. The open top allows literature to easily be removed and replaced. The crystal clear hanging brochure holders allow passing customers and patrons to view the front face of any material on display for distribution. Light weight and elegant these literature or brochure holders can be added to your truss display or structure just about anywhere. Hang them from all sides of your truss booth or stand. This make it easy to get lots of material out on the floor in an organized and decorative fashion. There's simply no better wy to present your material at the Trade show or Conference. Be sure to check out the complete Literature holder stand or the Brochure holder stand made with cost effective 2 chord or ladder truss. This is the perfect add on to any truss display booth.

Literature or Borchure Holder for Trade Show or Exhibition Booth trade show display literature or brochure holder

COST: $50.00 EACH or Get a 6 piece Package for $250.00

Click Here to look at our free standing brochure holder and literature rack made with aluminum truss for Trade Show display booths
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Truss Accessories Clamp

Made from strong cast plastic this attractive 2” quick release clamp is perfect for hanging just about anything. This universal 360 degree clamp has an integrated mounting position and hardware to attach to panels, lights, monitors and brackets. It provides a fast, easy method of attaching items to 10 and 12 inch truss systems.

COST: $18.00 EACH

Learn more - click here for PDF - about mount accessory clamps.

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Heavy Duty Clamp for Truss

Single tube clamp for 2" tubes. quick and easy to mount items requiring strength. Rated for 500Kgs. these single tube and double tube couplers can be used for hanging or attaching just about anything.

Single Tube Clamp $35.00 each
Double Tube Clamp $70.00 each

Learn more - click here for PDF - about heavy duty clamps.

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Graphic Clip

Strong and attractive. Great for hanging just about anything. This universal Graphic clip provides a fast, easy method of attaching signs and other media to 10 and 12 inch truss systems.

COST: $6.00 EACH

Learn more - click here for PDF - about graphic clips.

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Quick Clip for Truss

A fantastic addition to any small structure. These clips make set up and tear down fast and easy. No tools needed to assemble your display.

COST: $6.00 EACH

Learn more - click here for PDF - about quick clips for truss structures.

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Custom Base Plates

Custom sized aluminum truss base plates in virtually any size or shape to suit just about any situation. Large base plates are often used effectively to erect archways and lengths of truss to hold signs and other items such as LCD and plasma screens. A cost effective means of holding up back walls and banner frames. Precautions must be taken when using freestanding structures using large base plates. Outdoor conditions such as wind will adversely effect the stability of these type of structures. Tie downs and weights should be used as a safety precaution. 2, 3 and 4 chord truss base plates available in any shape. Listed below are a few common sizes but if you don't see it listed give us a call as we are happy to make them up for you at a great price.
12" x 48" - 3 Chord Reinforced base plate shown here

Custom Base Plate for Aluminum Truss Displays


12" x 48" Reinforced Base Plate: $295.00 EACH (Shown above)
24" x 24" Over Sized Base Plate: $220.00 EACH
Call for price on any other size or shape.

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Out Rigger Arm with Swivel Hooks

An innovative and field proven method of holding vertical truss upright . Fantastic for free standing archways and back walls. Available in any length and with any size base plate. The use of swivel hooks on the ends of this out rigger arm allows for a perfect angled connection that hold tight every time and in every situation. Standard size is 4' with a 12" x 12" Base plate.

LCD stand with out rigger arms Swivel Hook on Out Rigger Arm

COST: $125.00 EACH

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Banner Support Arms and Single Tube Hangers

These single tube hanger arms often used for hanging or stretching banners bettween are a great addition to any trade show display booth or exhibit. 2" aluminum tube to match the truss with a swivel hook for versitile mounting make these arms a must have. Cost effective and strong they can be used with swivel hooks on both ends to create shelf supports and other frame elements to suit your needs and design applications. LCD and Plasma TV mounting poles are often fabricated with these handy pieces of hardware, Custom lengths can be quckly made up to fit any booth or display order. Ask us about your design needs today as we're always happy to help create your perfect trade show display booth or exhibit.

Banner Support Single Tube Brace


24" Long with swivel hook on one end: $49.00 EACH (Shown above)
24" Long with swivel hook on both ends: $86.00 EACH
36" Long with swivel hook on one end: $56.00 EACH
36 " Long with swivel hook on both ends: $92.00 EACH
Call for price on any other length.

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Swivel Hook Extender

This handy piece of hardware is often the answer to difficult attachment and angle problems. Available in a fixed or welded in version as well as a removable unit, this double jawed clamp allows for the easy attachment of a truss or single tube in just about any angle or position. Fantastic for adding extra legs or crossbeams to a structure with the added versatility of adjustable placement. Strong cast metal provide the strength for just about any job and the pivoting clamp quickly grabs truss chords for a perfect fit every time. Removable extenders simply plug into the truss chord with the same easy method our truss connects via the use of a connecting insert / spigot. The standard length of extenders is 0.15m but can be fabricated in any length to accomplish any design goals required.

Swivel Hook Extender Clamp


Removable Swivel Hook Extender: $55.00 EACH (Shown above)
Fixed or Welded Swivel Hook Extender: $40.00 EACH

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