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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube

Custom Trade Show Truss Structures

Custom Truss Design

Along with hundreds of in stock truss systems and finish line and starting line systems, we offer custom truss structures as well. We can custom design any truss structure to fit the exact size, shape, or style you are looking for so that your custom truss display is completely unique and best showcases your companies products or services.

Many of our customers find that they need a custom built truss system to fit a specific space or designed for a certain company look. This is why we made custom designing a large part of what we do. We offer a wide range of custom made parts and trusses to suit any special need or situation. Marathon finish line systems are a particular specialty. We offer a huge range of standard lecterns, pulpits and podiums as well as cutom units fabricated to meet your specific needs. You can speak with one of our representatives today to discuss a custom design for your truss structure and we can answer any questions you might have about pricing, custom truss structures, assembly, or anything else you might want to know.

Communicate with us to discuss design and truss structure ideas so we can ensure that your custom trusses will accurately deliver the required structural and aesthetic features. We are committed to making each custom truss system and project as efficient and accurate as possible.

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Custom Trade Show Exhibit
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