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trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube
LDS Trade show displays and exhibits mde with aluminum truss and trussing systems.
trade show display truss tube
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trade show display truss tube

Custom Truss Design : Carved Truss

  2" Chord Aluminum Truss
1" Chord Aluminum Truss
2 Chord Ladder Truss
3 Chord Triangle Truss
4 Chord Box Truss
Curved Truss

Custom and Carved Truss

Exhibit and Display truss products are used extensively in trade show, exhibition, retail and entertainment applications. The comprehensive range of standard components, junctions and accessories allows designers the freehand creativity to produce innovative design concepts. Standard configurations can be inter grated with our custom components to provide unique solutions to complex design parameters. In addition to the standard range of products featured, we can produce virtually any type of special components to suit your specific requirements. Single tube fabrications, curved sections or plate constructions are just a few of our specialties. These may be used to complement existing components or as individual elements. Our rapid response production facility ensures a prompt delivery on even special configurations. Simply let us know what you need and our staff will guide you through the rest of the design process. We are always happy to assist.


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